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Important updates and new information for Midland multi gun.

  • Sign ups will start at 8:00AM & end promptly by 8:30AM.  Safety brief at 8:45 hammer down by 9:00AM.
  • Late shooters will not be allowed into the match.  
  • Again if anyone wants to be in a squad with their buddy sign up through practi score.  
  • Squad requests will not be honored on match day.

ONLY 50 shooters this month, sign up now.


As always we welcome spectators.  

Eye & ear protection is required at all times inside bays & strongly recommend outside bays also.  

No steel tipped ammo IE. Green Tipped, ss109, M855

No steel bird shot.  Be careful, Walmart & academy sell STEEL field loads now.  Steel shot can bounce back and injure you & your friends.

Please review our rules & divisions.


If your not sure what division your equipment may fit into please choose OPEN when signing up.  We can edit your info Saturday morning.

If anyone has additional questions please Roland Wolf.




3 Gun is an action sport involving rifle, pistol and shotgun, shooting a variety of different types of targets in tactical scenario-based event. We generally shoot four scenarios in a match, which takes about 3 hours. We break up into four squads each under the direction of a range safety officer or squad leader. The squad rotates through the scenarios until all four are completed by each shooter. Scoring is based on time and how well you hit the targets.


This is a great place to improve your shooting skill and improve safety and handling as well. It’s great fun with good folks to shoot with. It is our policy that a person who has never competed in these type events come and be a part as a scorer for one match to get the rules understood before actual shooting. This seems to work better than coming in cold turkey and being overwhelmed with rules and dealing with three different guns.


Matches are usually the 3rd Saturday of each month. Check the MSA Event Calendar to confirm dates and times.

Equipment needed:

  • AR 15, Mini 14, AK47 type rifles preferred.
  • Any shotgun; semi auto or pump preferred.
  • Any handgun; semi auto preferred.

The type and type of sight determines what class you are in. $20.


Questions? Email 3gun@midlandshooters.com.


Midland Shooters Association ~ PO Box 8767 ~ Midland, TX 79708-8767

Rifle/Pistol Range (432) 682-2332 ~ Shotgun Range (432) 617-3142

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