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United States Practical Pistol Association

The United States Practical Pistol Association is made up of over 400 affiliated clubs and over 30000 members.  “Practical Shooting” is a fun, fast-paced, action shooting sport, using realistic courses of fire and scenarios.  The only restrictions on course designers pertain to safety and standardized targets.  Multiple targets, moving targets, partial targets, knock-down steel targets, no-shoot targets that cover or obscure “shoot” targets, barricades, doors, windows, walls, tables, cars, boats, motorcycles – all these and other props are mixed together by course designers to create constantly changing situations which challenge the competitor to shoot and think.  As Practical Shooting is freestyle, you provide the solution to the shooting problem, and both your score (points) and speed (time) are factored.

USPSA divisions include:

Production: Production Division is strictly limited to the use of production handguns with actions that are double-action-only, double-action/single-action or striker-fired – mostly in the caliber of 9mm with a magazine loaded to 10 rounds.

Revolver: Revolver Division is intended for stock revolvers and shooters are restricted to only six rounds between reloads.

Single Stack 1911: The division caters to the traditional 1911 fan.

Limited-10: The division features both wide-body, or double-stack, 1911 pistols and single-stack 1911 pistols. Additionally, non-1911 pistols are also permitted.  Magazines are limited to 10 rounds.  This division is popular in states with magazine restrictions.

Limited: This division is dominated by double stack 1911 (2011) style pistols in .40 caliber.  Though 9/40 double stack “plastic” guns are found here as well.  Magazines are limited to 141mm long.  Most modifications are allowed with the exception of optics.

Open: Pistols used in Open Division competition are the shooting equivalent to the Formula 1 race car.  This division is dominated by custom 2011 style pistols with red dot optics and compensators.  Magazines are limited to 171mm. 

Pistol Caliber Carbine:  This division is for those that would prefer to compete with a rifle.  Carbines are chambered for 9mm/357sig/40mm/10mm/45acp.  Allowed accessories include optics, slings, compensators, flash hiders and lasers/flashlights. 

In order to shoot with us you will need a pistol or PCC, holster, ammo carriers and several magazines depending on division.  150 rounds will generally get you through the day.  Eye and hearing protection are mandatory.  Come out and shoot what you have and then go from there.  Don’t be afraid to ask questions, we are here to help and want you to enjoy the sport safely.  Don’t rush out and spend money on any equipment – you’ll be sorry later! Study what other shooters are using and ask them about their guns and gear; they’re always happy to help new shooters.  Feel free to just come out and watch your first time if you want to see how a match is run before diving in.  Everyone you meet had a first match too.  You’ll find that both experienced shooters and Range Officers are friendly and helpful with new shooters. We all enjoy Practical Shooting, and we want to get you started right.  Matches are just as much social gatherings as shooting contests.

Matches will be held on the first Sunday of every month unless impeding weather makes shooting impractical.  You can follow us on facebook and our email list to stay up with information about the matches.  


Email uspsa@midlandshooters.com to request being added to the email list.

Locals come out to help setup the match starting at 7:30-8:00AM.  Signup ends at 8:30.  We will have a safety meeting at 9:00and the match will start soon after. 

Match fee is $20 per shooter.

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