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International Defensive Pistol Association

IDPA as a sport is quite simply the use of practical equipment including full charge service ammunition to solve simulated "real world" self-defense scenarios. Shooters competing in IDPA events are require to use practical handguns and holsters that are truly suitable for self-defense use. No "competition only" equipment is permitted in IDPA matches since the main goal is to test the skill and ability of an individual, not his equipment or gamesmanship. More information about IDPA rules and goals can be found at www.idpa.com.

If you are a new shooter to IDPA you will need some kind of cover (a long shirt or jacket). You will need a holster that fits your gun, 2-3 magazines and some way to carry them. And finally you will need between 100-150 rounds of ammo.

Here at MSA we hold club matches on the 2nd Saturday of each month. We set up on Friday before the match starting at 4:00 pm and working until dark. We always need help on Friday. On Saturday registration starts at 7:30 am and closes at 7:50 am! Shooting will start around 8:00 am or as soon as the stages are finished being set up. These times may change due to season or weather.

Our regular competitors come from all walks of life and vary widely in skill level. Teenagers and grandparents, men and women, novices and experts - everyone is welcome as long as they come to be safe and have fun. At a typical match you might be in a group that includes both new shooters and experts, using a wide variety of equipment, but scores are grouped according to skill level and equipment type so you are only competing against others of similar skill levels, using similar equipment.

Questions? Contact Wes Jones at idpa@midlandshooters.com.

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