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Our F Minus matches offer a real test of shooting ability with a relatively low start-up cost, in a competitive but relaxed and friendly atmosphere. F Minus is shot with .22 rim-fire rifles at 100 yards. Like most shooting sports, anyone can shoot F Minus and enjoy themselves. The challenge of performing at the upper levels is only limited by how good you want to be - if you want to be the best then the challenge can be very tough.

Good quality equipment is important, but a top-level custom target rifle is certainly not a requirement. With good quality ammunition most modern bolt-action rim-fire rifles are surprisingly accurate out to 100 yards, and even semi-auto rim-fire rifles will do well with a little tuning,

Learning to read and adapt for changing conditions, especially the wind, is the key to performing well in F Minus. It doesn't take much breeze to move these light weight bullets around and you have to stay mentally focused and adjust for changing conditions as the match progresses.

In our typical match you are allowed unlimited sighting shots, and then shoot 15 shots for score with a time limit of 20 minutes. Retrieve targets and repeat twice more, for a total of 45 scoring shots. Matches are usually held on the 4th Sunday of each month (check the event calendar to confirm dates and times).

Questions? Contact f_minus@midlandshooters.com.

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